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Kimbra recently released three new songs on You Tube and they’re SICK. How does a human make music that’s so complex and so interesting and yet is still able to be so pop? Each song is unique in its own way and each song has a different emotion and feel. 90s Music is wild, Kimbra laces some dope vocals over a hip hop/ pop beat. That’s the track with a video, so i assume that’ll be the 1st single off the album. The video is soops seapunk and ugly but i love it. With every bar that goes by, you don’t know what to expect from the next as the song is constantly progressing. Nobody but you is the radio one. Very¬†Pharrell Williams. It’s the kind of song you sing at the top of your lungs while driving on the freeway with your windows rolled down. It’s a feel good song. Love in high places is my personal favourite. It’s the more mellow of the three and is probably the one they had the most fun with in studio. Crazy synths, sweet vocals and ambient drums…I’d be greedy if i asked for anything else. All these songs have a unique thing about them and that is , if you were to listen to the only the choruses of each song, you’d never thing it’s from the same song. The verses and the choruses of all the songs are so different. Love in high places has this bass solo at the end that is absolutely obnoxious. I think its Thundercat on bass.

Do yourself a favour and check it out. I can’t wait for her album. I rate it’s going to be sick.